KFTC's New Power PAC is excited to endorse an unwavering voice for justice | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

KFTC's New Power PAC is excited to endorse an unwavering voice for justice

We are working for a day when Kentuckians – and all people – can thrive. When our lives and communities matter more than profits. And when every voice is heard in our democracy. To get there, we need new leaders in local offices, Frankfort and Washington, D.C. 

That’s why for the last year – and through this year’s important elections – voter engagement has been a central focus for KFTC’s organizing. We’re sharing our vision and ideas for a better Kentucky across the state. We’re registering, having conversations with and mobilizing tens of thousands of voters.

And we’re supporting candidates who will work with and for all of us. Today, we’re excited to announce that KFTC’s New Power PAC is endorsing Charles Booker for United States Senator.

Representative Booker is deeply aligned with KFTC’s values. He has clear and bold ideas for achieving our shared vision – with good jobs that don’t damage our climate, health care for all of us, racial justice and more. Those ideas are rooted in both personal experience and conversations with folks from Paducah to Pikeville.

In the state House of Representatives, he is a champion of the issues that impact our lives, responsive to constituents and the needs of Kentuckians across the state, and an unwavering voice for justice. He’s a candidate worth getting excited for, voting for and talking to our friends and neighbors about. We hope you’ll join us in doing just that.

When Kentuckians go to the polls, we don’t just choose between candidates. We choose what kind of state we want to call home. What kind of jobs we want. Whether we can go to the doctor when we’re sick. How we want to treat our neighbors.

“Our leadership overwhelmingly believes Charles Booker rises above the other candidates in his lived experience and in our shared vision for Kentucky. Booker is the strongest choice for Kentuckians who want an improved life for all of us – regardless of the color of our skin, size of our bank account or which neighborhood or holler we call home.” — Cassia Herron, KFTC Chairperson

We’re in a moment when so much is at stake – our air and water, our democracy, our livelihoods and even lives. And politicians like Mitch McConnell have been happy to divide Kentuckians: urban and rural, Black and white, middle-class and poor. McConnell wants us to focus on our differences instead of the many things we share in common, so we don’t come together and hold him accountable for putting his corporate donors before the rest of us.

Representative Booker is the kind of candidate who can reach across those differences and work with and for all of us – not only on election day, but every day.

Our endorsement process

KFTC surveyed all of the candidates in the U.S. Senate Democratic primary race. Eight candidates responded, and you can read their answers at KentuckyElection.org. We also invited the candidates to sit down for a conversation. Five took us up on that offer. We appreciate all of the candidates who took the time to share their vision and ideas with us.

KFTC chapters and Democracy Teams offered recommendations. And last night, following the recommendation of our Steering Committee, the Executive Committee decided to have the New Power PAC endorse Rep. Charles Booker.

Let’s get Booker to D.C.