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KFTC's statement on immigrants, refugees and Muslims

We the people …

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth (KFTC) has a vision of a Kentucky where “discrimination is wiped out of our laws, habits and hearts.” While discrimination already hurts many members of our communities, the current state legislature and our national government are taking aim at some of our most vulnerable neighbors: immigrants, refugees and religious minorities, especially Muslims. As we always have, KFTC is standing up for the targets of discrimination and working hard toward wiping discrimination out of our laws, habits and hearts. 

We voice our solidarity with immigrants, refugees and religious minorities who are coming under increased attack in this current political climate.

Kentucky, like the nation as a whole, was built by immigrants, refugees and people who were brought here as slaves. Everyone who lives here, with the exception of Native Americans and people who came as slaves, arrived as an immigrant or is the descendent of immigrants. Today, refugees and immigrants, some of them undocumented, continue to contribute to our great state through work, paying taxes, helping grow the economy, contributing to the diversity of our culture, and revitalizing our communities.

Yet, today, the human rights of many immigrants are threatened, especially the undocumented, refugees and religious minorities, particularly Muslims. These actions are justified by racial prejudice and fly in the face of the many contributions to society and to the economy made by all of these groups. In fact, without immigrants, refugees and Muslims, the United States couldn’t be the United States, and Kentucky could not be Kentucky.

KFTC is showing up for immigrants, refugees and Muslims by supporting efforts to respect their human rights and dignity. We are committed to opposing bills in the Kentucky legislature and actions by our federal government that target immigrants and refugees in unfair, inhumane ways or that seek to turn ordinary police officers into border patrol agents. 

We call upon our members--and all Kentuckians--to resist such policies and practices.  We encourage our members--and everyone--to get to know their neighbors and work to make Kentucky a state where “discrimination is wiped out of our laws, habits and hearts.”

We are proud to stand with our sisters and brothers, whether they are immigrants, refugees or Muslims. WE ARE ALL KENTUCKIANS.

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