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KFTZINES by Sabre Semrau

Sabre Semrau

For many zine creators, a zine serves as a way to share stories and information about a topic they are passionate about. Such was the case for Southern Kentucky KFTC member, Sabre Semrau.

Semrau developed a passion for queer student groups in high school when she helped lead her school’s first gay-straight alliance. As a pansexual woman, she said this experience served as an instrumental part of her life.

When Semrau started college at WKU, she got involved in the Queer Student Union and started writing for ENYO zine, which aims to promote intersectional, feminist voices. Follow Semrau on Instagram @friendsofdorothyzine

"I love zine-making because anyone can do it. You can have as few supplies as a piece of paper and a pencil and still make an incredible zine that informs, educates, inspires, provokes, entertains, empowers, or otherwise delights your own mind and those of the people you share it with."

"Zines make big concepts accessible and enticing, and provide a platform for individuals to represent their identities from their own perspective. Art and activism go hand in hand, and I encourage everyone to let their creativity flow in a way that calls for justice and intersectional equity."

"Charles Booker is the personification of these pursuits, and furthering his ideas is something we can all play an important role in." 

In 2020, Semrau worked as a Voter Empowerment staff member in the Southern Kentucky chapter supporting members and registering and educating voters. Follow these links to read and enjoy Semrau's zines, "KFTZINE #1 How COVID-19 Exposed the Failings of Capitalism", "KFTZine #2 Coronavirus in Kentucky", and "KFTZine #3 Our Work Moving Forward