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League of Women Voters of Kentucky Seeks Citizen Input on Redistricting

League of Women Voters of Kentucky Seeks Citizen Input on Redistricting

LOUISVILLE, KY-Every ten years all state legislators across the US redraw their districts based on the 10-year census data. The US Census Bureau released the 2020 census numbers today.  Now it is time for our Kentucky legislators to draw fair maps using that new data.

Often, legislators redraw maps to benefit their own chances for reelection. The LWVKY calls on them to draw maps so that all citizens are fairly represented.  How the maps are drawn makes a huge difference in how funding is allocated for schools, hospitals, roads and other public works.

The LWVKY will be holding a series of Fair Maps Forums across the state showing our current maps and how they can be drawn more fairly.  Gerrymandering, when legislators draw maps to their benefit, discriminates against voters. Gerrymandered districts, often in illogical shapes, divide communities, making it difficult for them to have any real impact in Frankfort.
The Fair Maps Forums will seek public input on how maps could be drawn to fairly represent citizens and communities.  Using the same software as the KY State Legislature, the League will draw possible maps with the 2020 Census data. Once the Forums are completed, the League will redraw those possible maps using citizen feedback to suggest ways KY officials could draw fairer 10-year district boundaries.   

Fran Wagner, President of the LWVKY, said, “Regardless of ethnicity, background or where we live, voters should be allowed to elect their leaders, not the other way around. Everybody deserves equal access to government services and funding. We get only one shot at this for another 10 years. Let’s do it right in Kentucky!”

 The League of Women Voters of Kentucky asks that all voters contact their elected officials to urge them to draw fair maps by calling 1-800-372-7181 to leave a message. To find your legislator and email:  https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/findyourlegislator/findyourlegislator.html.

Tell your legislators that you want open discussion of this process and demand that fair maps be drawn.

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. As a nonpartisan body, the League takes action on issues but does not support or oppose candidates or parties. The League supports diversity, equity and inclusion in membership and programming.

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