Madison County chapter's 2017 Halloween Spectacular! | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Madison County chapter's 2017 Halloween Spectacular!

As a fall season balance to its successful spring pie auction, the Madison County chapter of KFTC held its first Halloween Spectacular. Around 80 people gathered in the basement of Union Church in Berea to celebrate the season, the Halloween holiday, and the work of the membership as well as to promote the good cheer that comes from supporting the ongoing mission of KFTC.

The cool fall evening party began as guests started entering to the enticing smells coming from the chili table. One of the main features of the evening, the chili cook-off put around a dozen slow-cookers full of homemade chilis in competition. After devouring the superb offerings, attendees were invited to vote for the winning chili by placing a few dollars in a chili’s glass donation jar, with all of the resulting proceeds benefiting KFTC and its mission.

After a satisfyingly diverse chili supper, folks found themselves taking advantage of the party’s amenities and other activities. An ongoing costume contest split into two divisions based on age led to two fortunate individuals receiving generous baskets of candy, which included much-desired full-size bars. While mingling around tables of snacks and toys, attendees decorated locally sourced miniature pumpkins. They also found themselves making valuable connections and discussing the future actions and direction of KFTC.

Those present also engaged with the Action for Democracy table, where they were able to register to vote. However, the table also presented information and resources concerning voter registration, empowering those present to register others. By making knowledge and its dissemination an integral part of the process, voter empowerment becomes a self-replicating phenomenon.

By bringing people together in holiday celebration, the Madison County chapter sought to entertain and lift up its membership. Additionally, it collected funds and resources to further KFTC’s vision while emboldening and empowering its community through making more robust connections, voter engagement and informal planning.

With encouraging initial results, the chapter hopes to continue this event next year, transforming it into an even larger event with an even more positive impact on our democracy.