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Meet and Greets build the base for real democracy

CKY Democracy Team Meet & Greet

Most Kentuckians know that the political leaders now in office tend to not have the best interests of the people at heart. And until they do, we have a hard time bringing to life our vision for stronger and more just Kentucky.  

To build strength and get more progressive people elected and better policies passed, KFTC members are taking to the streets, going door to door, talking to their neighbors, hosting events across the state and using phone, email and text to reach out to voters and remind them that who’s elected really does matter.

A new tool in the toolbox is an event they're calling a "Meet and Greet."

Through canvassing, tabling and other outreach efforts, KFTC is meeting a lot of new people out in the community. Some are interested in getting involved in fighting for democracy. It's going to take all of us to win in November and beyond, so we need large numbers of people to be engaged in our work.

We want people who agree with us on issues to be welcomed into our organization in a way that makes them want to engage further, we want to build real relationships with new people and listen to them, and we want to have them doing good volunteer work that they find fun and fulfilling while carrying out vision forward.  

They're events filled with food, fun, music, cultural sharing, bridging cultural divides, hearing stories of impacted people and clear next steps about what we can do to change the political landscapes in our communities.  

KFTC members have hosted Meet and Greets in northern Kentucky, southern Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville, eastern Kentucky and elsewhere. More are scheduled.

One, for example, was organized by member Amber Hoffman in her home in Boone County, where a dozen of her friends came out to learn more. They talked about how elections and politics also felt out of reach for them, and were excited to dig into the possibility of reclaiming their power and voice in the community. 

Hoffman continues to invite friends monthly to come to her house, learn about what’s at stake, and talk about how elections work.

Some are small but impactful. Four people got together in Louisville in August ago to talk about local issues and commit to getting involved and making a difference.

In Lexington, 15 people got into a deep discussion about what "home" means and how can folks build a community where all of us belong and are listened to and valued. 

Arnold Farr, a CKY KFTC member and leader reminded us how powerful we are. "There's the power of people and the power of money, but money can't vote. Money can't speak, go door to door, connect, produce empathy, produce love." 

To host or join a Meet and Greet in your area with KFTC’s help, reach out to a local KFTC organizer.