Northern Kentucky Prepares to Rally In Support of Open & Inclusive Communities | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Northern Kentucky Prepares to Rally In Support of Open & Inclusive Communities

March Madness doesn't apply only to basketball, it seems. We have seen an increase in ICE raids across the country, targeting undocumented persons whose only crime have been a search for a better life. We have seen an increased number of attacks on folks for the mere perception of being Muslim. And we have seen a that many would argue is illegal, immoral, and is a twist on President Trump's campaign promise of a Muslim ban. Our organization has made a commitment to stand against such injustice, and we need you to help us put our words into action.

It's time again to stand up for our brothers and sisters in northern Kentucky, and across the country, who are being unfairly targeted. We need to stand together in support of KFTC's vision, and to that end, many folks from a variety of organizations and background are gathering tomorrow at 6:30 in front of the US District Courthouse in Covington (35 W 5th Street). We need you there to promote a more positive vision for Kentucky and America, that is built on building each other up, not tearing each other down.  

During this work, it is important to allow our vision to continue to guide us in our work:

We have a vision …

We are working for a day when Kentuckians – and all people – 
enjoy a better quality of life.

When the lives of people and communities matter before profits.

When our communities have good jobs that support our families 
without doing damage to the water, air, and land.

When companies and the wealthy pay their share of taxes 
and can’t buy elections.

When all people have health care, shelter, food, 
education, and other basic needs.

When children are listened to and valued.

When discrimination is wiped out of our laws, habits, and hearts.

And when the voices of ordinary people 

are heard and respected in our democracy.