Open House! Berea Office of KFTC Celebrates First Year at Broadway Location | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Open House! Berea Office of KFTC Celebrates First Year at Broadway Location

Berea Office of KFTC Celebrates First Year at Broadway Location

The Berea KFTC office recently opened its doors to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its move to the city’s historic Old Town. Drawing in around 25 KFTC members, and local community members, the open house invited attendees to enjoy a spread of potluck tacos and the informative hospitality of KFTC.


Beyond the brochures, pamphlets and swag items that profess KFTC’s core aims and vision, veteran members held conversations with new visitors. Over the course of two hours, small groups mingled with each other, discussing health care legislation, the RECLAIM Act, transgender rights and other issues of significance to the community. Aside from its success at fostering good cheer, the event was able to create productive dialogue concerning various aspects of KFTC’s goals.


Attendees also gathered around a video setup of the livestream of a KFTC-sponsored action that took place at the same time in Pikeville regarding the Affordable Care Act. This element provided those present with an excellent example of how KFTC is leveraging technology in new ways.


The largest spectacle in the room, however, was the presence of a solid, black carousel horse. The horse was painted a solid color to give visitors a blank space to fill in with their creative energy. As the community explored the newly settled space, they also added their marks to the project. To further KFTC’s vision, the horse is set to be auctioned at the 2017 Annual Meeting. 


As a group, the community came together to build power through dialogue, learning and artistic creation. More than just an opportunity to eat tacos together, the open house brought a growing community of KFTC members, staff and members of the public together to find commonality and build power.



More than just one small outpost’s celebration, the open house offered the community a vision of what KFTC is as well as what it is becoming. New members and new ideas came together, building new power for a better Kentucky.