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Scott County KFTC "Chatter"


The Scott County Chapter had another great meeting on Thursday.  Members reported on the last Steering Committee meeting, the Martin Luther King Day march in Georgetown, lobby-training in Lexington, and some exciting first-time lobbying in Frankfort – by a new member, at that!

We welcomed several active new members, including two sociology majors at Georgetown College who plan to focus on organizing their fellow undergraduates.

We are continuing to build support for curbside recycling in Georgetown, contacting Georgetown residents who have signed our petition in favor of curbside recycling, writing letters to the editor and sending letters and emails to City Council members.  We also continue to work with the City’s recycling Committee to evaluate different options for expanded recycling in Georgetown.

On Monday February 13th we will attend the City Council meeting and offer citizen comment in favor of a curbside recycling program.  Everyone is invited to attend to show support and to meet fellow Georgetonians who are fans of recycling and sustainability!  The meeting is at City Hall (just behind the old County Court House on the Corner of Main and Broadway) beginning at 6:30 PM.

Each year the Scott County Chapter works with the Georgetown Branch of the NAACP on voter registration, voter empowerment and promotion of House Bill 70, the amendment to restore voting rights to former felons who have served their time.  Several Chapter members plan to turn out for the NAACP’s "Meet and Greetâ€ event at the Ed Davis Center at 6:30 on Thursday, February 9.

We are also working on local turnout for I Love Mountains Day, with high attendance expected from the College.  All Scott County members are reminded of the importance of this event:  KFTC members from the coalfields tell us all the time how much it means to them to get support from members outside the mountains.

Upcoming events of note:
Feb 6th – Health impacts of coal webinar 7pm
Feb 9th - NAACP Meet and Greet 6:30-pm at the Ed Davis Learning Ctr.
Feb 13th - City Council Meeting.  6:30pm at City Hall.
Feb 14th – I Love Mountains Day.  Noon-2pm at the capitol steps with optional lobbying beforehand.  We'll be car pooling at 11am from the Anderson parking lot at Georgetown College.
Feb 28th – Clean Energy Lobby Day -  8:30am-3pm
March 1st - Scott County KFTC Meeting.  7pm.
March 8th – Voting Rights Lobby Day - 9am to 2:30pm

                               - Homer White, Scott County Membership Coordinator

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