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Signature Cures for Mail-in Ballots

Voting Rights Rally DayEven after the last polls are closed, there are a few things we can do to make sure every vote is counted in this primary election.

Some Kentuckians will hear from their County Clerks this week because their signature won't look quite look like the signature on file. They'll have the opportunity to "cure" their signatures leading up to June 30th. If they don't, their ballots won't count.

Signature mismatches happen. For example, people change their signatures when they marry or if they become disabled or suffer from hand tremors.

In states like Florida and Georgia with wide voting by mail, we've found that ballots rejected for signature mismatch are disproportionately from people of color communities.

Please spread the word that if someone gets a call from their County Clerk that their signature doesn't match that they should call back right away.

In some counties, there’s a next step to fill out a form and return it by mail and some are handling mismatches with phone conversations.