Voter Registration deadline in less than ONE WEEK (April 22) | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Voter Registration deadline in less than ONE WEEK (April 22)

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KFTC chapters have a collective goal of registering 575 voters for the primary and there's still time to help out or get yourself registered! 

The voter registration deadline for the May 21 Primary Election is less than week from now on Monday, April 22.  On this year's ballot is the Governor's election and elections for 5 other statewide offices - Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, and Agricultural Commissioner.

If you're not registered,or need to update your voter address, get down to your local County Clerk's office or register online.

If you want to check your voter registration status just to be safe, or to register online start by visiting KFTC's own

Note that students who are away from home going to school have the right to either use a permanent home address or temporary local address as their voting address. If you're a student, consider being registered where you'll actually be living on May 21.

Not many people know this, but 17 year-olds can register to vote now and even vote in the May primary as a 17-year-old if they will by 18 on or before November 5 (Election Day).

If you're already registered in Kentucky, you can't change your political party for purposes of voting in this primary.

Whereas people with felonies in their past have their right to vote taken from them in Kentucky (unless they get a pardon from the governor), people with misdemeanors in their past or people who are pre-trial in jails do have the right to register and vote.

If you’d like to get involved with registering voters, please reach out to your local KFTC Organizer to join tabling and canvassing events, fill out the volunteer form here,  and/or visit our Action for Democracy Toolkit to learn how you can register voters yourself!

We’ve planned 36 door-to-door canvasses and 41 events leading up to the primary election to register, educate, and mobilize voters and it would be all the better with your help.