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Voter Registration for Kentuckians with felonies in their past (and others)

Lexington Voter Registration June 2021KFTC members and allies are hard at work in the field - community tabling and door-to-door to find Kentuckians with felonies in their past and helping them to register to vote if they got their rights back through Beshear’s executive order.  This work is being integrated into existing canvassing efforts and some stand-alone events, particularly in Lexington where Tayna Fogle is leading weekly talking events.  These events are also key places to circulate our Voting Rights petition to identify supporters and get them involved.

Over 70 people attended a texting training a few weeks ago and we’re continuing that effort to reach out to people and register them to vote remotely as well.

If you know someone with a felony in their past and you’re not sure whether they got their right to vote bac, you can check at

The Kentucky Voting Rights Coalition has created breakout teams, with some teams meeting regularly to focus on a particular geography or strategy - like training, lobbying, texting, or field work in Lexington.  You can join upcoming meetings of these teams on Mobilize (link below).

We’re continuing to meet with legislators outside of the session about a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to people with felonies in their past, and hope to build enough momentum to pass the legislature early next year and land on the November 2022 ballot.  

Our allies at the Kentucky Equal Justice Center have filed a lawsuit after discovering that, when Beshear took office, over 2,400 applications for voting rights were pending in the Governor's office but Beshear has never responded to these.  We sent a letter written by Cassia calling on Beshear to answer these applications, but have not received a response.

Webinar trainings continue with recent trainings on voter registration, an issue introduction to voting rights, a lobby training, and more.  


Send an email to your state legislators about this issue

Send an email to Governor Beshear asking him to take further action on Voting Rights

We have many events like our community tablings and online training events you can sign up for at

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