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Voting Rights EO Decision Tree

With information from the Campaign Legal Center's tool, KFTC has developed a decision tree to use in the field to help people determine if Governor Andy Beshear's Executive Order restoring voting rights to 140,000 Kentuckians applies to them.  Here's a link to the PDF and an image of it is below.  


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Obviously, it's a lot more complicated to learn if the executive order applied to you than we'd like it to be.  That's why we're pushing for HB 6 to restore voting rights to all Kentuckians after they've served their prison time, probation, and parole.

After you've determined that the executive order applies to you, you can simply register to vote by filling out a card, going to your local County Clerk's office, or visiting

Feel free to use this and share this with organizations and people who register voters in Kentucky.  The Primary voter registration deadline is April 20, 2020.
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