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Water Justice Field Hearing

More than 110 people turned out on February 2 to affirm the need for clean and safe drinking water.

Gathered at Clifton United Methodist Church in Cincinnati were folks from KFTC and ally groups like the Kentucky and Ohio Poor People's Campaign, the Ohio Sierra Club, the Democratic Socialists of America of Metro Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the Indiana and Kentucky chapter of the American Indian Movement, and others in the Greater Cincinnati area.

The event, which was a field hearing for the Poor People's Campaign, featured speakers discussing the importance of water to local indigenous people, health benefits of usable and clean water, Cincinnati water and sewer issues, the impact businesses can have on damaging the health of local water in other communities, the ongoing  work for clean water in Martin County, and the need for ORSANCO to continue its regulatory mission. The folks who came out to the event were ready to take action, including coming to the ORSANCO board meeting on February 14 at 9 a.m. in Covington.

Members of KFTC came from Big Sandy, Rolling Bluegrass, Jefferson County, and Northern Kentucy chapters, and had participated in planning this event over the last two months. Speakers included KFTC members Tayna Fogle representing the Kentucky Poor People's Campaign, Martin County residents Mickey and Nina McCoy, and Debbie Smith working with the Ohio Poor People's Campaign. They spoke about the benefits of a healthy water system in helping relieve stress and keep down health care costs.

If you couldn't make the event, you can view the video on Facebook. We also hope you join us on February 14 to protect ORSANCO's important role in making sure that the Ohio River remains healthy for everyone who uses it.

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