Webinar: Cultural sharing aims to help shape Kentucky | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Webinar: Cultural sharing aims to help shape Kentucky

In this moment there is a lot that divides us – especially as the COVID-19 keeps many of us physically apart. With that in mind, it makes coming together all the more important. It's a chance to talk about what unites us, celebrating the diversity of culture that makes Kentucky such a wonderful place to call home, and to be together – even though many of us still can't visit each other.

With that in mind, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth is hosting a cultural sharing webinar tomorrow (Wednesday)  at 7 p.m. featuring people from across the state to celebrate different aspects of Kentucky's culture. From faith and conscience, to visual arts, to food and agriculture, music, and the written word, 10 panelists will talk about how these things show up to them in Kentucky's culture, what it says about us, and what choosing each other means. We'll then have 5 break out groups to delve deeper into this work. 

The panelists include Reverend Don Gillett of Lexington and Reverend David Miller of Corbin for a conversation on faith and conscience; Kentucky artists Laura Beth Fox-Ezell of Bowling Green and Justin Roberts will facilitate the discussion around visual arts; Maggie Smith of Berea from Community Farm Alliance and Alexa Abner from the Covington Farmers Market and Covington CSA will talk about agriculture and food; musicians Sis West from Bowling Green and Albert Shumake of the River City Drum Corp of Louisville will lead a conversation about music; and writer and archivist Sam Cole of Berea and writer, editor and reporter Austyn Gaffney of Lexington will talk about the written word and Kentucky. 

We hope you join us in celebrating the diversity that makes Kentucky, and helping us choose to strengthen a culture that brings us all together – regardless of where we live, what we earn, or what we look like. Register for the event here, and check in on Facebook here