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What ID you need to vote

With the passage of SB 2, a photo ID bill earlier this year, and lots of new emergency election processes, there's a lot of uncertainty what ID a voter needs to bring to the polls.

A Kentucky Driver's license is ideal if you have one - the poll workers will be able to scan those and move the lines quickly.

Any federal, Kentucky, local government or school-issued identification card with picture and signature of the voter is also valid and preferred to get you through the line fast.

But if you don't have a photo ID, don't let that keep you from voting!  You don't necessarily need a photo ID to vote.  All these forms of ID also work - A Social Security Card, any ID issued by a county in KY that’s been approved by the State Board of Elections and shows voter’s name), any ID card with both the voter’s photograph and name, any food stamp ID card, electronic benefit transfer card, or supplemental nutrition assistance card issued by KY that shows voter’s name, or a credit or debit card that shows voter’s name. 

It doesn't matter if your ID is expired.  It still proves you're you. 

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