Your eyes do not deceive you | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Your eyes do not deceive you

“Your eyes do not deceive you.”

Yesterday we saw both the power of democracy and the fragility of our hold on it. In both, we hear our call to Organize. 

Yesterday’s inept attempt at a coup was both shocking and unsurprising. We’ve invoked Nsé Ufot many times since she shared this affirmation/warning with members at this year’s Fall Gathering – “Your eyes do not deceive you.” They continue to resonate. Donald Trump has never hidden his connection to organized white supremacists or his intention to undermine democracy. The elected leaders who’ve supported him left him unchecked and fed the disease of hatred and racism that fueled his power, and they embedded it in our institutions at every level. We see it clearly here in Kentucky. The path Mitch McConnell cleared for Donald Trump is the same path he laid for Daniel Cameron, and the same path the Kentucky General Assembly is taking.

Every Kentuckian, every American – every elected leader – now has to choose between sanctioning seditious domestic terrorism, or acting against it to affirm the values of our democracy with a full rejection of insurrection and terrorism. Democracy is the participation of the people, and it’s on all of us to uphold it as our national aspiration. 

As KFTC, we make our choice every day. Every day, we choose each other. We live out our belief in the principle of democracy. We know it’s powerful because we know that we are powerful together. We witnessed this yesterday, too, as Georgia again showed the world that organizing works. Organizing – people working together with purposeful strategy, multiracial solidarity, and joyful resolve – won in Georgia. 

The moment we’re in is chaotic, and we’re facing real challenges in Kentucky. Turning this thing around is our work to do, and doing it together is the only way. Today, find your breath, hold your loved ones close as you can, get grounded. In the coming days, weeks, and months, our task is to organize – and to keep choosing each other.