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Health impacts of coal ash

Coal ash is full of toxic heavy metals that when blown through the air or leached into drinking water can be harmful to health. Here are some of the worst.

Human Health Effects of Coal Ash Pollutants

Source: Earthjustice testimony before the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, U.S. House of Representatives, June 2008

Aluminum Lung Disease, developmental problems
Antimony Eye irritation, heart damage, lung problems
Arsenic Multiple types of cancer, darkening of skin, hand warts
Barium Gastrointentinal problems, muscle weakness, heart problems
Beryllium Lung cancer, pneumonia, respiratory problems
Boron Reproductive problems, gastrointestinal illness
Cadmium Lung disease, kidney disease, cancer
Chromium Cancer, ulcers and other stomach problems
Chlorine Respiratory distress
Cobalt Lung/heart/liver/kidney problems, dermatitis
Lead Decreases in IQ, nervous system, developmental and behavioral problems
Manganese Nervous system, muscle problems, mental problems
Mercury Cognitive deficits, developmental delays, behavioral problems
Molybdenum Mineral imbalance, anemia, developmental problems
Nickel Cancer, lung problems, allergic reactions
Selenium Birth defects, impaired bone growth in children
Thallium Birth defects, nervous system/reproductive problems
Vanadium Birth defects, lung/throat/eye problems
Zinc Gastrointestinal effects, reproductive problems