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OSM - Office of Surface Mining

Health risks high for eastern KY residents in mining communities

A new health report by Dr. Michael Hendryx finds that people who live near mountaintop removal mining sites in Floyd County have significantly higher cancer death rates and suffer a higher incidence of other diseases than residents in other Kentucky Appalachian counties where mountaintop removal doesn’t occur.

Kentuckians Step In When Coal Companies Falsify Water Reports

KFTC's litigation case against Frasure Creek and ICG mining companies is highlighted in Equal Voices News.  Equal Voices News is published by 

Overview of the Obama administrations actions & impact on the coal industry

This article does a solid job examining the impact of actions taken by the Obama administration that relate to the coal industry. The article quotes numerous people in the coal industry and financial sector who admit that the recent woes of the industry are "primarily due to changing market conditions, not environmental rule revisions."

New York Times examines the tense economic and political climate in coal mining communities

This long article examines the tense political and economic climate in the mountains of Central Appalachia as the coal industry enters a period of decline and blames its woes on enforcement actions by the current administration.

Tell U.S. House members to vote against attack on public health

UPDATE: As expected, H.R. 3409 passed the House by a 233-175 margin. All of Kentucky's representatives except for Rep. John Yarmuth voted to side with polluters and against public health. More info here.

UPDATE: The vote is now likely to take place on Friday, September 21. Please continue to call and email.

Leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have taken several of their failed anti-public health, anti-environment bills from the 112th session of Congress and bundled them into H.R. 3409, improperly titled the "Stop the War on Coal Act of 2012."


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