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Shana Goggins

Real name: 
Madison and Wilderness Trace Chapter Organizer

"I strongly identify as an Appalachian American as well. I strongly identify with the positive attributes or characteristics and work vehemently to dispel the negative perceptions or stereotypes held about the Appalachian culture, people, and region.  I am a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. My undergraduate studies focused on the study of Psychology. I hold a M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as a Masters in Public Administration from Eastern Kentucky University as well.

My involvement with public, community, or political activities and/or organizations has centered on social justice advocacy and diversity issues. My time has been split between serving in and with bodies that are composed of students and professionals within the field of Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Housing, Mental Health, and Higher Education. My involvement additionally has included time spent serving with or in organizations that have addressed disparities within the Appalachian region or nation at large. I strive to utilize my platform to address injustice and inequality in our society-focusing on creating a culture of health. "