Cincinnati People's Climate Rally! | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Cincinnati People's Climate Rally!

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth was a co-sponsor of the People's Climate Rally of Cincinnati! Though originally slated to happen on April 29th as a sister rally of the march, it was postponed to June 10th. 

The event, which featured speakers and organizations from throughout the tristate area, drew a couple 100 folks to Fountain Square in Cincinnati to urge lawmakers at all levels to take action in support of climate. Members there were able to point to our work at the local level across the state regarding Benham Saves, stopping a coal-powered plant near Winchester, the Empower Kentucky plan, and more. Those who came by noticed that it was our power on the local level that allow ourselves and allies to accomplish great things.

Many of the speakers focused on the changes we have seen in the Cincinnati area. While less snow is something that is easy to see on a data table, speakers pointed to the fact that the Ohio River valley is a region where allergies and asthma are more prevalent, and these conditions are being exaccerbated by increased temperatures and poor air quality in some of our communities. Other speakers focused more on national or international concerns.

KFTC, and our allies at Ohio Citizen Action, were talking to folks about the need to pass the Reclaim Act. Members were glad to be out in support of our allies, and to talk about the work KFTC is doing in regards to environmental justice.