Join us for a Virtual Lobby Day for a Healthy Democracy Thursday! | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Join us for a Virtual Lobby Day for a Healthy Democracy Thursday!

Voting Rights Coalition Meeting 1/13/20We need to build a strong, healthy Democracy in Kentucky if we’re going to ever build the future we deserve.  Last year, we got a taste of what some of the structural changes other states have had for many years that make Democracy stronger - 170,000 people with felonies in their past got their right to vote and all of us had the option of voting by mail for the first time.  

We need to act fast while our legislators are meeting in Frankfort this month to try to keep and expand those improvements instead of losing them.  

Join us for a Virtual Lobby Day for a Healthy Democracy - Thursday, Feb 18 from 9am ET to 3pm. Click here to register and join.

We'll gather online to push for the kind of Democracy Kentucky deserves - making voting convenient, fair, and accessible.  We'll push for voting rights for people with felonies in their past, longer polling hours, voting by mail, automatic voter registration, fair redistricting, and more.

The day will start with a 9am ET training all together on Zoom (learning the issues, how to talk to legislators, and more) and we'll divide up into groups to talk virtually with our legislators about this issue, we'll leave messages on the legislative message line (and encourage our friends to do the same), we'll have a virtual rally at 2pm, spokesperson training, workshops, and other events throughout the day.  Please sign up now and share it with friends!

Sponsored by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth.  Co-sponsored by Kentucky Unitarian Universalist Justice Action Network (KUUJAN), United We Stand, IUE CWA, Kentucky Poor People’s Campaign, Mission Behind Bars and Beyond, Black Leadership Action Coalition of Kentucky (B.L.A.C.K.), ACLU, Together Frankfort, and League of Women Voters of Kentucky.

Bills Supported

  • HB 232 Restoration of Voting Rights for most people with felonies in their past.
  • HB 23 Semi-independent redistricting
  • HB 51 Extend voting hours to 7pm
  • HB 72 "No excuse" absentee voting - by mail or in person before
  • HB 182 Same day voter registration, automatic voter registration, cleaning up some language

Can’t make it Thursday, but still want to help out?  Call the Legislative Message Line (800-372-7181) to leave a message for your Senator and Representative, plus “House Leadership” and “House Elections Committee.”  The message can be something simple like “please support HB 232.”  The line is open 7-9pm ET M-Th and 7-6pm Friday and you can call back other days about different bills. 

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