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Many turn out to speak to the importance of water

In February roughly 100 people filled the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission to comment on proposals that would weaken the ORSANCO water quality station. This was done after members worked with allies to promote a local water justice field hearing, public comment periods on the proposed standards, and a call from KFTC and allies to attend this meeting. 

At this meeting, the proposed changes were tabled. Now, a new proposal would leave it up to the states on whether they will enforce the pollution control standards, or if they will continue to require states enforcement agencies to hold the higher ORSANCO standards. Beginning this month, there is a public comment period. Anyone wishing to send their comment can do so by e-mailing [email protected] by April 15th at midnight, or attend one of the three in-person public comments. 

The in-person comments is a chance to share your testimony both written, and by sharing your voice. They will be held from 6-8 local time, and will be in Pittsburgh, PA on April 1st, Evansville, IN April 4th, and Erlanger, KY on April 8th. After that, the best way is to contact Kentucky and Federal Commission's directly.

From June 4th through June 6th ORSANCO will have their quarterly meeting in Covington, and will be making a decision on June 6th at the public portion of the 3 day meeting. With your help, we can continue to protect water quality in the Ohio River Valley, and bring the voices of those who depend on the water to the Commission. Share your stories about the need to protect clean water for the health in your community; let them know how keeping the Ohio River safe also protects those who depend on the headwaters; share the impact of a clean Ohio River on recreation in your community; and make sure that commissioners hear the need to protect the needs of the people - regardless of race, income, and geography - over the desires of industry

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