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Members Take Stand Against Landfill Expansion

A few months ago the company that runs the Central Kentucky Landfill near Sadieville asked the county for the ability to expand the amount of trash they could take. This expansion would have made the landfill the highest point in Scott County, akin to Mount Rumpke in Colerain Township north of Cincinnati. Members of the community quickly organized in opposition, and sought support from folks who were able to stop the proposed expanded landfill in Boyd County (as well as close it entirely).

As more details of the proposed expansion became available, it became clear that these two proposals were linked. Unable to drop waste off in Boyd County by rail, there was a proposal to allow the trash to be moved to Sadieville by rail. Community members were justifiably outraged, between concerns over the frequency of trucks dropping off material for the landfill, violations from the existing landfill, and the concerns around possible long-term ramifications the landfill could have in such a fast growing community.

The local Scott County chapter has decided to officially join the work that others were already doing. While the initial proposal for the expansion was denied, the company is seeking an appeal. They since have had to reschedule the appeal because of the expected turnout size in opposition to March 14th at the Scott County High School at 6 pm. Public comments are not expected to be allowed, and instead allies have asked people wear blue to show opposition to the proposed project.