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Communities Taking Action

All across the commonwealth, Kentuckians have a vision for New Power, with healthy communities, good jobs that don’t destroy our land and water, and a place where our children will want to stay and raise their families.

In counties where coal is mined, that means we have to work to protect ourselves, our neighbors and the land we love.

We know that “bomb and bury” mining, a disregard for workers and the lack of economic diversity is not the way to the future we want.

Working with the strength of a statewide organization behind us, we challenge mining permits that would poison our water and damage our homes. We bring folks together, such as at the annual Growing Appalachia conference, to discover new opportunities for an economic transition. And with the Benhan and Lynch Energy Project, we work to make our communities part of the growing clean energy economy.

To take effective action, we need to know our rights. Here are some resources for knowing where we stand when a coal company wants to move into our community – or already has.

Coalfield Survival Series (downloads)

Understanding the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act

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