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NKU rally for higher education

Thursday afternoon hundreds gathered at Northern Kentucky University to speak out for more revenue, and to ask legislators to honor the commitments we have made to students across Kentucky.

The crowd began to gather before noon. Members of the broader community included KFTC, the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers, and the Northern Kentucky Justice and Peace Committe. However, the majority in attendance were students and faculty who were most likely to be impacted by the new state budget. Many came with signs illustrating issues impacting the NKU community. From rising costs of tuition, a tax structure that hurts lower and middle income Kentuckians, and what the impact of further cuts could mean to universities across the state.

After hearing from several professors the crowd marched through NKU chanting about the need for more funding. Chants included "Fund Our Future", "When Education is Under Attack, What Do We Do? STAND UP, FIGHT BACK", "Show Me What Democracy Looks Like", and more. You can view the rally and march on the Northern Kentucky chapter page.

Many people who attended will be in Frankfort on Friday and Saturday, and those that can't plan to call the legislative hotline (1-800-372-7181) to voice their concerns. However, all in attendance know we need legislators who will fund Kentucky's needs.

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