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Secretary of State meetings gathering input on election laws

35421_1360070120623_1197630007_30870127_3370161_nThe Kentucky Secretary of State's office is setting up a series of town meetings across the state to review and recommend improvements to Kentucky’s election laws.

A few have already happened, but four upcoming meetings are:

• Wednesday, May 22 – Kenton County - 5:30pm at Dixie Heights Highschool

• Monday, June 3 – McCracken County - 12:30pm.  Robert Cherry Civic Center, 2701 Park Avenue, Paducah, KY

• Thursday, June 6th – Jefferson County - 12:30pm.  Muhammad Ali Center, 144 N. 6th Street, Louisville, KY

• Thursday, June 20 – Madison County - 5:30pm.  Madison County Extension Office, 230 Duncannon Lane, Richmond, KY

*blog updated on 5/9,  5/20, and 5/30 to reflect shifting times and locations.  See the bottom of the blog entry for more information. 

This could be an excellent time for KFTC members and allies to make the case for changes we would like to see in our democracy - from expanding voting rights to former felons, lengthening voting hours, or limiting the power of corporations and large donors.

As three of these 4 meetings are in KFTC chapter areas, we'd like to encourage our members to come out to them and speak their minds. 

You can say anything you want, but we created a template (adapted from the earlier blue ribbon tax commission hearings) that might help you think through what to say:

I.  Who you are and what you want to see for Kentucky.

• I’m a [describe yourself] and I want to see _____.

• But instead this is what I see: _____

• “I’m a Kentuckian that wants to see an authentic participatory Democracy take root here because I can't help but think that we're going to come to better policy decisions and have better lives when we make space for all Kentucky citizens to have a say."  

II.  What's in the way (Feel free to use any combination of these or create your own.)

- Sometimes it feels like our politicians are just listening to the needs or corporations or other major contributors instead of to the people. 

- Some of us feel like we don't have stake or control over even our local governments. 

- Not all Kentucky citizens even have the right to vote (including former felons who have served their time and people serving time for even a misdemeanor).

- Voter turnout can be pretty low at times, leading to more apathy and a greater disconnect between the voters and elected leaders.

III.  Good policy solutions (Feel free to use any combination of these or create your own.)

- Restore voting rights to former felons once they've served their debt to society - through either a state consttutional amendment or a blanket partdon from the Governor.

- Extending voting hours past 6pm, or allowing early voting, bringing us more in line with most other states and making more space for working Kentuckians to vote.

- Taking steps to decrease the impact of large donors and corporations in our democracy so that the voices of everyday people can be heard more loudly. 

- other ideas.


Please plan on coming out to a meeting close to where you live and speaking your mind - and be in touch with your local KFTC organizer or Dave Newton ([email protected]) if you plan on attending.


5/9 update - We've since learned that the Kenton County/ NKY Meeting on Wednesday, May 22 is at 5:30pm at Dixie Heights High School.  Locations and times for the other meetings have not yet been set. 

5/20 update - The Jefferson town meeting has changed from 5/29 to 6/6.  Jefferson, McCracken, and Madison meetings still don't have a location but they are all now scheduled for 12:30pm.  Marking changes above. 

5/30 update - Meeting locations added for the final 3 events and Madison's has changed to 5:30pm. 

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