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Voting Rights Coalition forges a path forward

Votin Rights Coalition Meeting 2-24-19

 Today, we had our first Voting Rights Coalition meeting! Twenty-six people from 19 organizations came out to get to know each other and to start to forge a path forward to win the right to vote of 312,000 Kentucky citizens with felonies in their past.

There was a lot of good will and great ideas in the room and we're now together with a shared analysis and rough path forward.

About 25 additional organizations are interested in joining the conversation or have been in conversation with us on the issue, but weren't able to make it out to this meeting. It's a solid start.

Next stop, tomorrow's committee hearing for HB 91 at 2 p.m. in Capitol Annex room 171. g20190224_150731 On Monday, February 25, Rep. Charles Booker and Rep. George Brown's bill to respect the voting rights of people with felonies in their past (HB 91) is coming up for a committee vote. 

Please call the legislative message line (800-372-7181) and leave a message for "all members of the House Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee." The message should be something simple like, “I support respecting the voting rights of all people with felonies in their past.”

The message line is will open at 7:30 a.m. EST Monday morning.

If you can come in person, the hearing is at 2 p.m. Monday in room 171 of the Capitol Annex in Frankfort. The bill sponsors have asked us to pack the room! Please arrive early and bring an ID to get into the building.

They plan to hear a committee substitute version of HB 91 with no exclusions (respecting the right to vote of everyone who has completed a sentence).

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