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We Stood For Kentucky

Showing that we are solid as a rockrooted like a tree and standing strong, hundreds of KFTC members and friends took to the halls of the state capitol on Tuesday to Stand For Kentucky.

Folks wore large stickers with the words “I stand for _____” filled in with what we stood for: voting rights, reproductive rights, workers’ rights, living wage, racial justice, public schools, health care, clean energy, and more.

Lining the halls of the capitol, we stood in silence for about an hour, facing legislators making their way to the afternoon session. We also stood in resistance to the governor and legislators who aren’t standing for these values.

After standing, we sang and walked together in a long line to let our voices be heard in front of the Senate and House chambers.

Solid as a rock … solid as a rock
Rooted like a tree … rooted like a tree
We are here … we are here
Standing strong … standing strong
In our rightful place.

To watch a video of the day, visit our KFTC Facebook page.

Below are some photos from the day

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