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What the Frack is Fracking?

As natural gas drilling becomes more and more abundant in Letcher County, the folks in that chapter have become as educated as possible on the issue. Nitro-Fracking is the preferred method of fracking in the region, which has been more difficult to understand because most natural gas drills in America tend to use Hydro-Fracking.

Letcher County Gasland screening

Gasland, the documentary by Josh Fox, was recently nominated for an Academy Award and has really helped shine a light on the recent struggles that communities all over America are facing to keep clean water. While the film is based around Hydro-Fracking, many of the problems are the same. Much like other extraction industries, the natural gas companies have used fear to try to silence concerned citizens, and put money in the pockets of elected officials to turn a blind eye to what is happening.

Last Thursday, the Letcher County Chapter gathered for a screening of Gasland. One member in attendance, Celeste Johnson lives in the community of McRoberts where natural gas drilling is quickly consuming the hillsides, leaving much of the community frustrated with the constant noise of drilling and fracking, not to mention fear over the safety of their water. "I felt like it was scary, not knowing what the nitro-fracking is doing here, whether or not it's destroying our water the same way as in the movie," said Celeste.  Currently there are two gas wells within 100-200 feet of the community's water plant.

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