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Voting Rights Resources

E.g., 10/2021
E.g., 10/2021

Voting Rights Factsheet 2019

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Voting Rights Factsheet used in the 2019 General Assembly

April and Teddi shouldn't have to wait flyers

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

These flyers tell the stories of two former felons who would be impacted by a proposed change to our voting rights amendment that would add a five to ten year waiting period before automatic restoration of voting rights.

Application for restoration of civil rights

Division of Probation and Parole

Former felons can fill out this form to request voting rights restoration through the Governor's executive pardoning power. 

Call-in half sheet for HB 70

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Half-sheet with instructions on how to call the legislative message line in support of HB 70.  This is useful for handing out to people at tables or events.

Voting Rights petition

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Use this petition to find members of your community who are supportive of the idea of restoring the right to vote for former felons.