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General Assembly

Voting Rights Lobby Day

We'll be bringing KFTC members and allies from all over the state to Frankfort on 2/19/19 to talk to our legislators about voting rights and encourage them to support legislation to restore voting rights to people with felonies in their past.  If you're new to grassroots lobbying in Frankfort, don't worry!  We pair new people with experienced lobbyists.  The important thing is that you come and

Is Capitol the ‘people’s house’ or King Matt’s castle? Here’s why they want you out.

When the General Assembly began its 2019 session Tuesday, citizens in attendance were greeted with a “statement of emergency” — Gov. Matt Bevin’s latest attempt to silence critics and restrict public participation in the people’s business.

Southern Kentucky and Western Kentucky members see representatives sworn in despite new limitations on access to the Capitol

On Tuesday, January 8, Kentuckians gathered at their Capitol for the first day of the 2019 legislative session. Members from the Southern KY and Western KY chapters gathered in the rotunda to take part in a silent vigil held by the Poor People's Campaign. Afterward, a meeting of the Kentucky Council of Churches set the tone for legislators in the coming months.

Lawmakers or lawbreakers? General Assembly trampled open government rules. And that was just the first week.

Amidst the usual controversies that attend the opening days of a legislative session, the first week of the 2019 Kentucky General Assembly raised a singular question unrelated to the weighty business at hand: When did the legislature abandon any pretense of compliance with the open meetings laws and when did Kentuckians abandon any expectation of compliance?


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