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Voter Empowerment

We Can Vote flyer - color

We Can Vote flyer - color

Celebrating 40 years of action for justice.

 It’s an important time for the organization. We’re reflecting back on where we’ve been, what we’ve achieved, and what we’ve learned. We’re making big plans for our future.

League of Women Voters of Kentucky Seeks Citizen Input on Redistricting

League of Women Voters of Kentucky Seeks Citizen Input on Redistricting

LOUISVILLE, KY-Every ten years all state legislators across the US redraw their districts based on the 10-year census data. The US Census Bureau released the 2020 census numbers today.  Now it is time for our Kentucky legislators to draw fair maps using that new data.

Plenty of opportunities to take Action for Democracy

Roots and Heritage 2019 - 9/8-19

Building the Democracy Kentucky needs is a key step to winning our vision for Kentucky’s future.  We need to make sure all Kentucky voices have a chance to be heard

The campaign to restore voting rights of Kentuckians with felonies in their past is continuing, with increasing field work to find the 170,000 people who recently got their right to vote back and to help them register to vote!  That’s happening alongside our online efforts to train people, reach people through texting, lobby legislators, and more.

Why we organize for Climate Justice, Racial Justice, a Just Transition, and a healthy democracy

Anyone in the U.S. under the age of forty and paying attention has lived their entire life aware of the existential threat caused by the global climate crisis. In recent years, Americans of all ages have expressed increased levels of alarm and urgency about climate change. According to Pew Research Center, in 2020 nearly seven-in-ten Biden voters (sixty-eight percent) said climate change was very important to their vote; six-in-ten Americans viewed climate change as “a major threat to the well-being of the U.S.” A Tufts University study found that young Americans named climate change as one of their top three concerns motivating them to vote in 2020, behind COVID-19 and racism.  


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