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Voter Empowerment

Reflections on KFTC’s work in the 2020 primary election

In so many ways, the primary election of 2020 was unprecedented. 

Voting during a pandemic meant delaying the primary by a month and offering new and untested options. 

Booker not elected, but we're in this for the long haul

Thousands of us across Kentucky were honored to work for an amazing, inspiring candidate, Rep. Charles Booker. And though he didn’t win his bid for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, he changed the conversation. He stood up for a bold vision and showed up for Kentuckians in times of crisis. He called out our broken system and called on all of us to build a brighter future.

It’s essential for Kentucky, our country and the world that we elect new leadership to the U.S. Senate in November, and we’re committed to helping make that happen. Once again, the eyes of the nation will be on Kentuckians. As we continue our work to register and mobilize new voters and have even more conversations, we'll be holding Amy McGrath to her commitment to learning from the Booker movement and centering Kentuckians in her campaign. She must hear from us, and we must work together to elect a new senator.

‘A qualified success.’ Let’s continue what worked in Tuesday’s primary and fix what didn’t

Amidst cries of voter suppression and concerns about the potential of massive lines at the polls, the reality on the ground on Tuesday was pretty good. Not perfect. Not ideal. But overall, the election was a qualified success.

Primary shows KY should adopt mail-in voting permanently. You can help make that happen.

Despite national cries of doom and gloom, it now turns out that we probably had a record number of people voting in a primary. That’s in large part due to the ease of widespread use of absentee ballots for the first time in Kentucky.


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