Members Host Constitutional Convention Workshops! | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Members Host Constitutional Convention Workshops!

Late last year members of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth and allies began to notice an increased presence of organizations working to pass a call for a constitutional convention in Kentucky. We began to work closely with allies to learn more about the issue, and came out in force to help make sure that the proposed 'con con' didn't receive a vote in the last General Assembly.

Understanding that the fight is far from over, this past Constitution Day (September 17th) chapters in Northern Kentucky and Western Kentucky held meetings to talk about the dangers of a constitutional convention and discuss next steps. Folks turned out to these trainings eager to learn more about who was pushing for a constitutional convention, and some of the major issues at stake.

The most successful national calls for a convention claim to have reached 27 states passing aligned calls for a constitutional convention, and need only 34 to call for the convention. These efforts, backed by ALEC, are expected to target these 8 states again in 2018 to pass additional resolutions, but only need 7 of these states to succeed. One of the state's they are targeting is Kentucky.

In preparation for the next session, we are encouraging folks to take action. Whether it be calling the legislative hotline (1-800-372-7181) to tell members of the House Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee and your State Representative to oppose any calls for a constitutional amendment, writing a letter to the editor about the dangers of a constitutional convention, or asking a KFTC organizer to help plan and host a training around a constitutional convention, we need to prepare ourselves to help stop this terrible idea.