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Fairness Moving Forward

Posted by: Joe Gallenstein on April 16, 2020

Kentuckians continue to come together to fight for a more just future for all of us.

Senate Bill 2 passes as legislators override veto

Posted by: KFTC Staff on April 15, 2020

The final vote on Senate Bill 2 happened yesterday evening (April 14) to override Governor Beshear's veto.

If you want to know which representatives voted for a complicated 57-page bill to make it harder to vote in the middle of a pandemic, that's the representatives with the green "y"s next to their names (or you can view the roll call votes here). The Senate passed the same veto override earlier in the day. Then they celebrated suppressing the vote.

SB 2 is not slated to go into effect until the General Election in November, but it's not clear whether ID offices will be open then (they're closed now). Even so, many Kentuckians simply don't have or need photo IDs, particularly elderly Kentuckians and lower income Kentuckians who don't drive.

Have you filled out your Census form yet? How's your county doing so far?

Census 2020
Posted by: KFTC Staff on April 9, 2020

The U.S. census is a critically important tool that helps determine how much funding for health services a particular community gets, how many electoral votes a state has, or where state legislature maps are drawn. It's important that we're all counted, though we also know that some lower income and rural communities don't get fully counted.  That means our communities and our state end up missing out on funding and electoral power.

And in this moment, census worker aren't able to go door-to-door. We need to step in and help get every person living in Kentucky counted. 

Call on your Legislator to Oppose SB 2. We can’t make voting harder right now.

Posted by: KFTC Staff on April 9, 2020

Will you take a few minutes to tell legislators not to override Gov. Beshear’s veto of Senate Bill 2?
We don’t need slower voting lines, more restrictions that make it harder for registered voters to vote, or to implement a new and complicated 57-page bill to limit voting. Not now and not ever. 

NKY chapter hosts Coffee for the Commonwealth

State Representatives Rachel Roberts and Kim Moser talk with Campbell County residents
Posted by: Joe Gallenstein on March 28, 2020

During this past session of the Kentucky General Assembly, members of the Nrthern Kentucky chapter hosted conversations at local coffeeshops with legislators.

NKY chapter hosts DACA and immigrant rights discussion

Posted by: Joe Gallenstein on March 28, 2020

On March 26, the Northern Kentucky chapter cohosted a zoom video conversation about immigration rights.

KFTC statement and action on COVID-19

Posted by: KFTC Executive Committee on March 11, 2020

Updated, Friday March 13, 2020

Call for urgent Congressional action to help coal-impacted communities

Posted by: KFTC Staff on March 9, 2020

More than 100 organizations, including KFTC, have added their names to a sign-on letter urging U

Healthy Democracy Day Success

Posted by: KFTC Staff on March 5, 2020


We had our Healthy Democracy Day in Frankfort yesterday bringing about 100 Kentuckians to Frankfort to share their vision for a real Democracy in Kentucky and to fight for it.

We had 9 lobby teams, recruited 7 bill co-sponsorships, had 24 legislative meetings, had 15 powerful speakers, and really laid the groundwork to stop SB 62 this session, and pass HB 6 next session while weaving an overall vision of what kind of Democracy we want more than we have before in Frankfort.

KFTC's New Power PAC is excited to endorse an unwavering voice for justice

Posted by: KFTC Staff on February 27, 2020

We are working for a day when Kentuckians – and all people – can thrive. When our lives and communities matter more than profits. And when every voice is heard in our democracy.


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