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Mountaintop Removal and Strip Mining

MTR in Perry County

The Appalachian Mountains are among the oldest mountains in the world and one of the most biologically diverse locations in this hemisphere. Our communities here are culturally rich. Most importantly, they are home.

And there are some people focused on destroying them.

Mountaintop removal and the accompanying valley fills is the most destructive way to mine coal, creating unhealthy living conditions for people in nearby communities, eliminating not only our forests and streams but altering a whole ecosystem that can never be restored and forever changing the communities where we live.

Mountaintop removal is not necessary to meet the demand for coal. It is done only because it is cheaper for the coal company – primarily because fewer workers are needed and because taxpayers subsidize the mining and sale of the coal, along with its public health and environmental effects.I Love Mts Day 2008

In these pages, learn more about mountaintop removal and its consequences, the people who are working to protect their communities and how you can help.

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