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Growing Appalachia On Mountain Talk

Floyd and Knott County KFTC members have been busy preparing for the 3rd Annual Growing Appalachia conference this Saturday at the Jenny Wiley Convention Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  The day will feature a range of workshops for the beginner and experienced alike on topics from small-scale farming and forestry to energy efficiency and solar applications.

Anti-hate vigil held in downtown Lexington

The Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice organized an anti-hate rally in downtown Lexington this evening. Approximately 50 folks came out to stand in solidarity with communities who have been affected by hate, violence and racism.

Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform meeting now...

This meeting isn't one of the public forums that will be happening across the state--those kick off on May 29 in Paducah--but it's the second meeting of the Blue Ribbon Tax Commission members. They've gathered to establish some shared knowledge about how taxes work, the history of tax changes in Kentucky, and to look more deeply at the principles that their recommendations must follow.

Lawsuit challenges EPA on coal ash protections

KFTC joined a nationwide coalition of groups to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The legal action, filed late yesterday, is designed to get the EPA to finalize rules to prevent public exposure to toxic coal ash.


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