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HB 70 Passes Committee!

gIMG_0146This morning, House Bill 70, our bill to restore voting rights to former felons  who have served their debt to society, passed out of the House Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee with 6 yes votes, 1 no and 2 abstentions.

Rep Jesse Crenshaw, Terry Nayden (LWV), Raoul Cunninham (NAACP), and Fr. Pat Delahanty (Catholic Conference) gave testimony in support of the bill.

The League of Women Voters released a revision of their study of felony disenfranchisement in Kentucky today and presented it to the committee. 

Next up, it will come to a vote on the House floor in the coming days, so please take two minutes and call the legislative message line, 1-800-372-7181, leaving a message for your own Representative plus "House Leadership."  A good , simple message is "please support HB 70."

And if you have some extra time, call the legislative message line again and thank the legislators who voted yes in committee - Reps Bratcher, Clark, Owens, Graham, Marzian, and Overly.

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So glad to hear that this has passed the House. I hope for a similar vote from the Senate. People that have paid their debt to society should get their rights back (voting included!). If they screw up again, then take the rights away again, but they should have the chance to reenter society on equal footing.

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