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Past Actions

Join the fight for tax justice

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth is ramping up our organizing efforts around fighting for tax justice in 2017. We’re approaching a moment of urgency for this work, and want you involved. Below you will find several opportunities for you to get involved in this campaign and organize for economic justice in Kentucky. Please register for and/or share out this information to folks in your circles who's voices should be at the table for this work.

Tell Congress to keep the promise to coal miners

Health care benefits will be taken away from more than 22,600 coal miners and their families in just a few days. U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell has the power to see that this doesn't happen.

Stop unfair monthly service fee hikes by LG&E and KU

Benham Power Project -- March 2014

Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities are proposing unfair new rates that will hurt customers, especially low-income people, and damage our health and air quality.

LG&E and KU want to double their flat monthly service charge, the fee that people pay no matter how much energy they use. The base rate for KU’s electric service would climb from $10.75 to $22 per month. The monthly fee for LG&E’s electric service would also jump from $10.75 to $22, and the charge for natural gas service would climb from $13.50 to $24. That means most of LG&E’s residential customers will owe a minimum of $46 a month – even if they use no gas or electricity whatsoever!

Support Health Care for All - Call today!

Kentuckians deserve affordable, quality health care. But Republican legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is about tax cuts for the wealthy – not health care. Calls to Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell are needed right away.

Protect Kentucky's gains under the Affordable Care Act

Everyone should have affordable, quality health care – a message that was loud and clear in Kentucky’s town hall events last month with members of Congress. Despite those messages and calls, Congressional Republicans have proposed legislation that not only would dismantle the Affordable Care Act, but also Medicaid as we know it.

Protect our Constitution

Action steps to prevent the
re-writing of the U.S. Constitution

Stop HB 72 to protect neighbors' say in local development

When residents are empowered, we can do things like keep unwanted polluting industries out of our neighborhood or use local zoning laws to make sure development is consistent with land use plans and neighborhood goals.

When residents are successful, sometimes there’s a backlash, and that’s why House Bill 72 was filed.

Support Kentucky's Home-Grown Solar Industry

Solar energy is a low-risk and low-cost energy solution with many benefits for Kentuckians, including good new jobs, affordable and stable energy costs, and reduced risk to our health and climate. Solar jobs in Kentucky grew by 20% in 2016. With installation costs falling swiftly, Kentucky’s home-grown solar industry is poised for growth in every corner of our commonwealth.

But now the General Assembly is considering a bill that could bring distributed solar energy development in Kentucky to a screeching halt.

Stand for Racial Justice – help stop this divisive legislation

The Kentucky we seek is built on community, cooperation and nonviolence. That’s why we oppose bills like House Bill 14 that seek to create more divisions and undermine movements for social justice.


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