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Past Actions

Public input needed to stop utility rate increases and attack on rooftop solar

Kentuckians are pushing back hard against proposals from monopoly utilities trying to raise rates during the pandemic and rig the rules to harm the future of rooftop solar in Kentucky.

Your help is needed (again) to stop Kentucky Power’s assault on solar

In January 2021, the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) issued a ruling on Kentucky Power’s rate-hike proposal 2020-00174, but it delayed making a final decision on the part of that case that impacts rooftop solar customers. The PSC will hold a supplemental hearing on the solar net metering issue on April 6. A final ruling is expected by May 14.  

Fight against LG&E / KU’s plan to raise rates and hurt rooftop solar

Kentuckians deserve clean, affordable energy that works for all of us. We need electricity rates and clean energy programs that help us thrive – not make it harder to get by.

Sign on to an open letter to Mitch McConnell from Kentuckians

When times are hard, eastern Kentuckians pull together. We make sure our neighbors are safe from high water. We pack hot meals to folks who are grieving. We stand up to injustice. We choose each other.

Right now, so many of us in Kentucky are hurting because of:

Tell the General Assembly to protect Kentuckians and go home

In times of crisis, our government should work to mitigate damage, help communities get through acute challenges, and support our efforts to help each other. We appreciate Governor Beshear’s work to do just that. But House and Senate Leadership are not hearing the message. And the people of Kentucky cannot be there to hold them accountable.

Calls needed – our best chance to stop the Family Separation Bill is right now

Here in Kentucky, we do better together. When a neighbor needs help, we lend a hand – whether they’re a newcomer or lifelong Kentuckian.


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