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How Kentucky's June 23 primary will be different - vote by mail details, etc.

Posted by: Dave Newton on May 19, 2020

89608945_680814476057872_591141659190755328_nVoting will be a little different this year for the June 23 primary election, with most voting happening by mail. But there are a few different options Kentucky voters have to cast their ballot. 

There will be a link where you can request a ballot at www.GoVoteKY.com starting May 22. You can alternately call your county clerk now to request a mail-in ballot, but that process will have added steps. You can find your county clerk's number at this website. Some county clerk websites also have an online form to request a ballot.

There's a June 15 deadline to request mail ballots. Ballots need to be postmarked no later than June 23 and received by June 26 (but earlier is better!). Postage on ballots is already paid, and there will also be local drop boxes at limited locations if you'd prefer to drop them off rather than mailing them.

Tackling the A-Z Impacts of Plastics

Posted by: Maria Truitt on May 14, 2020

Members of Kentuckians For The Co

KFTZINES by Sabre Semrau

Sabre Semrau
Posted by: KFTC Staff on May 9, 2020

"I love zine-making because anyone can do it. You can have as few supplies as a piece of paper and a pencil and still make an incredible zine that informs, educates, inspires, provokes, entertains, empowers, or otherwise delights your own mind and those of the people you share it with."

Right now, it’s (digital) Go Time. Your help is essential.

Posted by: KFTC Staff on May 8, 2020

One thing that hasn’t changed is that the elections this year matter. A LOT. Actually, they probably matter more than they did before the pandemic.

Bored? Want to connect with KFTC members, build grassroots power and have fun? Visit KFTC.org/MeetOnline

Posted by: KFTC Staff on May 1, 2020

4-28-20 CBooker Town Hall--21KFTC now has one central place where you can find upcoming online content like local chapter meetings, trainings, cultural events, phone banks and more to learn, take action, and be in solidarity with each other.

You can find it at www.KFTC.org/MeetOnline

We make space at every online event for people to get to know each other, really interact, make connections.

For example, tomorrow, Saturday May 2, there's a 1 p.m. ET training on voter registration including how to help the 152,000 Kentuckians who won the right to vote to register and a preview of the new vote-by-mail process.

Charles Booker Town Hall was a success!

Posted by: KFTC Staff on April 30, 2020

4-28-20 CBooker Town Hall--10On Tuesday night, 160 KFTC members and friends came together for the KFTC Charles Booker Town Hall where Rep Charles Booker talked about his story and his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Mitch McConnell. KFTC's New Power PAC endorsed Booker earlier this year. 

It was an opportunity for KFTC's statewide issue committees and members as a whole to ask Charles Booker questions and make their own stances known.

It's hard to build community in a time of social distancing, but this was an important and needed space for us to see eachother, laugh together, and build power together.

We can choose better leaders on June 23

Posted by: KFTC Staff on April 29, 2020

When we vote, we don’t just choose between candidates. We’re choosing what kind of Kentucky we want to call home. 

In the June 23 primary election, we can choose candidates who want what’s best for all of us, who won’t try to divide us for political gain or put corporate donors first.

Charles Booker is that kind of candidate. KFTC’s New Power PAC has endorsed Booker in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. The winner of that primary will take on Sen. Mitch McConnell in the fall.

Charles Booker Town Hall is TONIGHT Online (4/28)

Posted by: KFTC Staff on April 28, 2020

Right now, 182 KFTC members and friends are signed up to come to tonight's Town Hall meeting with Representative Charles Booker, who's running for US Senate.   In this moment, it's clearer than ever Kentuckians need leaders who share our values and put the wellbeing of our communities–no matter the color of our skin or how much money we have–above all else.   With this momentum, electing our vision feels more possible than ever, but it's going to take all of us to get us there.

There's still time to signup and invite your friends to join us too.

At the town hall, we’ll gather together online to hear his story, ask him questions, and find out how we as KFTC members can take action to make a real difference in the June primary, even as we practice social distancing and work to keep our communities safe. Registration is required for this event. Once you register, we'll email you a link with easy instructions to join the call through your computer or phone.

The Town Hall is tonight, April 28 at 7 p.m. EST.

Keep calling and writing for the best vote-by-mail process we can get!

Posted by: KFTC Staff on April 27, 2020

TMU Voter Reg 9-17-19Kentucky's governor and secretary of state both agree, Kentuckians shouldn’t have to choose between being heard in our Democracy or keeping ourselves, our families and our neighbors safe from the pandemic. They're taken steps to make sure anyone who wants to can vote by mail on June 23, and the State Board of Elections has adopted that stance.  

This is fantastic and we need to thank everyone involved for sticking up for Democracy!

But some meaningful details need to be figured out yet and we need to keep up the pressure and support. 

How can a community come together to respond to the COVID-19 crisis?

Meta Mendel-Reyes
Posted by: Meta Mendel-Reyes on April 27, 2020

How can a community come together to respond to the COVID-19 crisis?  

Madison County chapter members helped to create the Berea Community COVID-19 Committee (BCCC-19), which brings together a wide range of community individuals, organizations and agencies to develop and lead a community-wide response to the pandemic. Lots of good work is already happening in Berea but the different groups have not come together. Our purpose is not to duplicate efforts, but to share information and to identify and help to fill gaps in Berea’s efforts to keep our community safe and well.  

In the spirit of KFTC’s actions to help to defeat COVID-19 statewide, we are focused on our local community and grassroots organizing.


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